My Dad - Sal Vento

My father passed away last month.  This will be my first Father’s Day without him in the physical world.  I know that my spirit is with him in the spiritual world.

I was fortunate, in the fact that I was able to make peace with my Dad.  My Dad and I had a very challenging relationship when I was growing up.  Being the eldest child, and a daughter in an Italian/Spanish family, I was their test subject.  They did all their practicing as parents on me and my sister.  All I wanted was freedom, and all my parents wanted was that I do what they thought was best for me.  Often, our personal desires clashed

The one thing that meant the most to me is that my Dad allowed me, to be me.  He allowed me to explore ideas and new concepts.  He really could be a good sport.  I remember when I was in school and discovered handwriting analysis. He allowed me to analyze him.  Of course, I look for all the ‘bad’ and not good about him.

Another time, when I was studying psychology, again, my dad was my subject and I only saw the “negative parts of his personality”.

My view of my dad started to change when I studied Astrology.  Then I saw planetary proof why he was so angry!  LOL

Yet, when my car was stolen, after I loaned it to someone, he never ridiculed me, he just helped me do what I needed to do to get it back.  He said we always make mistakes, and he was proud of me that I was trusting and generous.  I had good intentions; I was trying to help a person in need.

It wasn’t until I started to grow up at the age of 50, and started my healing process that I forgave my father.  I started looking at him as a man, not just my Dad.  I saw how much he loved my mother, and us.  He showed it by the way he worked 12 hours a day for so many years. He was always there when we needed help.

I remember when I sat both my parents down and told them what I didn’t like what they did to me when I was growing up. Then I told them what I loved about them.  What gifts they gave me.  My dad was the one who thank me.  And from that day forward, we were a loving father and daughter duo.

As I said before, I was fortunate to make peace with my Dad while he was alive.  I saw my dad as a person, with his own baggage, hopes and dreams.  I chose to see the best of my Dad.

My Dad was a wonderful artist, he was a great storyteller, and he was the most hospitable person I ever met.  I could bring home anyone, and my father always made them feel welcome and part of the family.

My Dad and I had great conversations about what I was learning on my journey toward personal growth.  We talked about the Law of Attraction, hypnosis, and all the new discoveries being made.

What I loved about my Dad, he listened without judgment.  That is a gift I hope he passed on to me.

Whether your Dad is alive, missing or in the spiritual world, and you don’t have the relationship you want, or didn’t have the relationship you needed. I encourage you to let go of the hurt and anger.  You can start the process by appreciating them and by forgiving them.  The forgiveness will be for you, because when you release the anger and the hurt, that’s when there will be room for the love.

Remember, Dad’s are people too; they are like the rest of us.  Doing the best we can, looking to connect, love and be loved.

To all Dad’s, I want to say Happy Father’s Day!

I love you all!


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